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Tinplated Steels also called ETP are widely used nowadays in Beverage cans, crown ends, aerosol cans, juice cans, etc.

1)Material can be supplied in coils and sheet.
2)Surface can be in Bright, Matt, Silver or Rough which needs to be specified in the inquiry.

Copper Plated Steels

Copper plated steels are widely used in electricy industries for MCB,connectors,and braking line tube in auto industry

Oriented Electrical Steels

Grain Oriented electrical steels (also called GO or CRGO as short name) are mainly used in transformers, generators and reactors. The materials are magnetized under AC conditions..
Typical standards specifying CRGO are JIS C2553, ASTM A876 and EN10107.

PC Strands

PC Strands for construciton and long span projects. Material can be in black, galvanized or epoxy coated condition

Boiler Plates

Boiler plates for boiler and pressure vessels.

Z test, UT test and third party inspection if any need to be agreed upon.

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