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Shagang to apply twin-roll strip casting and rolling technology 【2019-04-26】
CLIK's review of China's steel market in 2018 【2019-04-26】
China's total sales of excavators in 25 OEMs (Mar) 【2019-04-26】
Rio Tinto Ltd to cut its 2019 shipments estimate 【2019-04-16】
CHINA'S steel industry isn't prepared for a looming shortage of iron ore 【2019-04-15】
China's ban on illegal steel production activities 【2019-04-04】
India's Tata Steel Ltd and German major Thyssenkrupp will run the proposed European steel joint ven 【2019-01-17】
Hesteel Group to invest US$4.4 billion in the Philippines to set up a joint venture 【2019-01-17】
25 main manufacturers sold 203,420 excavation machinery products in 2018 【2019-01-17】
Wuyang Steel appoints Steel CLIK to distribute and sell its products in overseas markets 【2019-01-17】
Nanjing Steel hit a record high in steel production 【2019-01-17】
China's Steel Demand Forecast in 2020 & 2025 【2018-06-06】
U.S. tariffs on steel and aluminum imports from the European Union (EU), Canada and Mexico will take 【2018-06-01】
Steep import duties on steel products from Vietnam that originated in China 【2018-05-22】
The story of XCMG's gigantic digging machine 【2018-05-22】
Making steel without fossil fuels 【2018-05-15】
3rd generation metal-coated steel product - Docol 600DH-GI 【2018-05-11】
China's closure of steel making capacity 【2018-05-10】
Steel and aluminum tariff exemptions for EU member countries 【2018-05-02】
Nippon Steel's 71 percent jump in annual profit 【2018-04-27】
10th bi-annual China International Steel Congress in Beijing (16-19th May) 【2018-04-25】
Chinese steel may be forced to retreat from the US market 【2018-04-23】
Rio Tinto released its first-quarter production results on 18th April 【2018-04-20】
Dumping cheap steel wheels in the US? 【2018-04-19】
Worldsteel Short Range Outlook April 2018 【2018-04-18】
Iron ore inventories held at Chinese ports fell to 160.4 million tonnes 【2018-04-17】
China will introduce foreign investors to trade in domestic iron ore futures from May 4 【2018-04-17】
China steel capacity replacements continue in 2018 with more electric arc furnaces 【2018-04-13】
Chinese steelmakers' earnings rebound to be losing steam 【2018-04-12】
Steel production in China will drop 【2018-04-12】
Chinese goods subject to additional 25 percent tariffs 【2018-04-04】
China has imposed the tariffs up to $3 billion in U.S. goods 【2018-04-02】
China to cut taxes by $63.61bn 【2018-03-30】
Ansteel Group and CICC have signed a strategic cooperation agreement 【2018-03-28】
Yamal LNG project 【2018-03-13】
World crude steel production for 64 countries in February 2018 【2018-03-27】
Thyssenkrupp elevator's ambition in China 【2018-03-26】
Sino-US trade war? 【2018-03-23】
CLIK's booth at Russia's MiningWorld exhibition is A726 【2018-03-23】
Powder-metallurgy for tool steel 【2018-03-16】
137 million tonnes of crude steel during January and February 【2018-03-15】
China's mills are conserving energy. 【2018-03-14】
China's steel export in 2018 【2018-03-12】
China's response to US's 25% tariff on steel imports 【2018-03-09】
Targets of China’s government for 2018 【2018-03-06】
China will reduce steel capacity by around 30 mnt and coal output by about 150 mnt 【2018-03-05】
Crude steel production for January 2018 【2018-03-02】
Valin Group achieved record high in its steel output in 2017 【2018-03-01】
Masteel’s APQP team for new energy auto steel has been formally established. 【2018-02-27】
Comparison in infrastructure of US& China in 2017. 【2018-02-26】
Profits of Main Construction Machinery Enterprises in 2017. 【2018-02-24】
China's economic growth has returned to a stable level. 【2018-02-23】
The latest Chinese standard for rebar just released! 【2018-02-22】
Some special steel products will have a vast market in the coming 3 years. 【2018-02-12】
China’s excavator sales in Jan 2017 and Jan 2018. 【2018-02-09】
Changzhou ZENITH Steel Group achieved a historical breakthrough of the annual outputs in 2017. 【2018-02-08】
TISCO successfully developed high-end nickel-based heat resistant alloy products. 【2018-02-07】
Cloud track is a straddling monorail system self-developed by BYD. 【2018-02-06】
Chinese steel mill’s performance in the past 2017. 【2018-02-05】
U-Ming Marine Transport Corp. has signed a 25-year shipping contract with Vale of Brazil. 【2018-02-02】
CITIC Heavy Industries successfully casted 486ton ingot. 【2018-02-01】
NISCO’s fasteners produced with the high-speed spring steel have been applied to Chinese market. 【2018-01-31】
Steel CLIK helps British Steel to explore the market in China. 【2018-01-30】
Benxi Steel and Northeastern University developed the hot stamping steel with ultra high toughness. 【2018-01-29】
China’s shipbuilding output in 2017 and forecasts of 2018. 【2018-01-24】
China's automotive sales in 2017. 【2018-01-23】
China's steel industry in 2017. 【2018-01-22】
Shantui opens the door of Canada market. 【2018-01-17】
What is Shagang’s strategy behind its takeover of China’s largest special steel maker? 【2018-01-16】
The total consumption outlook of shipbuilding steel in 2018. 【2018-01-15】
China's average composite price of hot rolled carbon steel since 2010. 【2018-01-12】
China's excavator industry forecasts in 2018. 【2018-01-11】
During "13th Five-Year" period (2016-2020), China will build 40 nuclear power plants. 【2018-01-10】
Masteel's production plan in 2018. 【2018-01-09】
China developed the bell-less top for huge blast furnaces independently. 【2018-01-05】
Steel imports and exports in China, 2017. 【2018-01-08】
The demand for high end new metal casting materials is surging in China's manufacturing industry. 【2018-01-04】
Shougang launched 35SWYS900 and 35SW1700-H for new energy automotive. 【2018-01-03】
Masteel's profit in 2017 exceeded 5.8 billion yuan ($891.44 mn) in 2017. 【2018-01-02】
What happened to China's mills in 2017? 【2017-12-29】
Ultra-high tensile cold rolled steel project officially started in Zhanjiang. 【2017-12-21】
China's bulldozer sales in 2016 and 2017. 【2017-12-20】
Reseller Agreement between SteelCLIK and British Steel. 【2017-12-19】
China will reduce tariff on part of steel products from Jan.1st, 2018. 【2017-12-18】
Steel profit per ton of mills with membership is low during Jan. to Oct.. 【2017-12-15】
The excavator sales in China will increase in the next five years. 【2017-12-14】
Steel consumption of city natural gas pipeline will increase during 2016-2020. 【2017-12-13】
The rebar price is rising in China since Nov.. 【2017-12-12】
China's iron scrap exports is increasing. 【2017-12-11】
Undercarriage production of medium and mini excavators has been made domestically. 【2017-12-08】
5 major changes in China’s iron ore market in 2017. 【2017-12-07】
The super large stainless steel disk forgings was developed by Dalian Special Steel Group. 【2017-12-06】
Steel Demand Forecast in 2018 & Competitiveness Evaluation of China’s Steel Enterprises. 【2017-12-05】
The era of large-scale application of scrap is coming. 【2017-12-04】
Further processing project of high strength automotive plate was put into production in GONVAMA. 【2017-12-01】
TISCO has become the largest X80 supplier to the natural gas project between China and Russia. 【2017-11-30】
Six steel projects in Tangshan in the fourth quarter of 2017. 【2017-11-29】
Steel Grade 9310 and Grade 4340 had been successfully casted by Baosteel. 【2017-11-28】
A graphite electrode factory was officially put into operation in Shanxi province. 【2017-11-27】
40CrH-LG steel for automotive engine has been developed by Handan Steel. 【2017-11-24】
Guidelines for Development of Key Generic Technology of Industries (2017). 【2017-11-22】
Fujian Tsing Tuo Group's stainless steel high-speed wire rod are underway. 【2017-11-21】
Sheshan Shimao Quarry Hotel is now complete. 【2017-11-20】
Hebei Jinye Group has launched the 3D printing project successfully. 【2017-11-17】
Industrial cities are about to control steel production to protect the environment. 【2017-11-16】
Ma Steel is the first direct supplier to Deutsche Bahn in Asia. 【2017-11-15】
Shanghai free trade port will be built in the future. 【2017-11-14】
Shanghai-Nantong Yangtze River Bridge 【2017-11-13】
The steel shell for battery cell of new energy vehicles was developed by Ningbo Steel. 【2017-11-10】
High heat input welding plate was developed by HBIS. 【2017-11-09】
Ultra high strength automobile sheet HC820/1180DP was successfully produced by Shougang. 【2017-11-08】
Five parties have decided to build Minmetals Caofeidian International Ore Trading Center in Caofeidi 【2017-11-07】
Shagang developed high added value products by themselves. 【2017-11-06】
T10A hypereutectoid hot-rolled coil was invented by Ansteel. 【2017-11-03】
WISCO to build the biggest cloud data center in Central China. 【2017-11-01】
Steel Stories behind Super Projects Made in China. (3) 【2017-10-31】
Steel Stories behind Super Projects Made in China. (2) 【2017-10-30】
Steel Stories behind Super Projects Made in China. (1) 【2017-10-27】
Super projects with great achivements in steel industry made in China 【2017-10-26】
Forecasts of construction machinery by 2020. 【2017-10-25】
China’s “The Belt and Road” strategy triggers huge demands for steel. 【2017-10-24】
Kobe Steel’s fraud scandal. 【2017-10-23】
China’s steel mills' achievements in the past five years. 【2017-10-20】
Made in China 2025. 【2017-10-19】
The 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China was held in Beijing on October 18. 【2017-10-18】
The mixed ownership reform of government-controlled enterprises will be carried out intensively. 【2017-10-17】
Liberty Group acquired OneSteel. 【2017-10-16】
XINGTAI ROLL, to make big ungrading investment? 【2017-10-13】
Caterpillar's (Xuzhou) hydraulic excavator production exceeds 100,000 units. 【2017-10-12】
Invar alloy for LNG ship produced by Baosteel Special Steel was authenticated by the French company 【2017-10-11】
Masteel started construction of China's first jumbo H beam production line. 【2017-10-10】
600MPa and 800MPa steel plates employed to the White Crane Dam. 【2017-10-09】
CLIK's partner NISCO supplied the steel plates for Russian shipyard Zvezda. 【2017-09-27】
The government of Tangshan City issued emergency measures to cope with serious pollution. 【2017-09-26】
Ore Tianjin was launched in Qingdao on19th, Sept.. 【2017-09-22】
China Baowu Group's industry outlook. 【2017-09-21】
The 14th BICES will be held at Beijing International Exhibition Center during Sept. 20th-23th. 【2017-09-20】
Ansteel unveiled its global new technologies and production processes for railway steels. 【2017-09-19】
China's Intelligent Manufacturing Development Plan. 【2017-09-18】
Steel production of 28 cities is expected to decline during the heating season. 【2017-09-15】
China's steel PMI in Aug.. 【2017-09-01】
China's top 500 enterprises’ profit margin fell to 10 years lowest. 【2017-09-12】
Construction machinery OEMS intend to increase the price of loaders. 【2017-09-11】
Shagang expands into special steel from commodidty grades. 【2017-09-14】
The National Guidelines for the Application of New Materials of advanced steel. 【2017-09-13】
China's excavator sales growth in August has doubled. 【2017-09-08】
The first full-fledged automated container terminal was officially opened at Qingdao port. 【2017-09-07】
6 storms harsher than Harvey will have come down on China's steel circle. 【2017-09-06】
French based CMA-CGM signed MOU with two Chinese ship-building makers in August. 【2017-09-05】
Caterpillar sold more than 20,000 units mini HEX in China. 【2017-09-04】
Performance of China’s Top 6 Listed Enterprises in H1 of 2017 【2017-08-30】
A “super steel” possesses an ultra-high yield strength of over 2000 MPa. 【2017-08-29】
Valin Xiangtan Steel’s technical breakthroughs and climbing sales. 【2017-08-28】
China has sped up into "steel bridge era" . 【2017-08-25】
Full use of steel scrap. 【2017-08-24】
Steel mills' performance is influenced by cutting over-capacity. 【2017-08-21】
T700 steel for ATM chassis. 【2017-08-23】
Increasing demand of advanced steel products. 【2017-08-22】
China's Excavator Market from Jan. to Jul., 2017. 【2017-08-18】
27,000t Plates for the Bridge across the 3rd Longest River. 【2017-08-17】
Anshan Steel, WISCO and Baosteel’s price policies of electrical steel in Sept based on Aug’s prices. 【2017-08-16】
China issued a ban on importing some kinds of products from North Korea. 【2017-08-15】
Sales of China's 11 main bulldozer manufacturers. 【2017-08-14】
A 7.0 magnitude earthquake struck Jiuzhaigou Valley in Sichuan Province on Aug 8th. 【2017-08-11】
Steel rails produced by Handan Steel of HBIS Group have been certified by the European Commission. 【2017-08-10】
China’s scrap export soared in the first half of 2017. 【2017-08-07】
Six weapons on display produced by Inner Mongolia First Machinery Group. 【2017-08-04】
China is considering to remove the 15% export tariff for wire rods and bars. 【2017-08-03】
Steel---the strong support for fruitful achievements in defense industry of China. 【2017-08-02】
Profit investigation of 75 private steel enterprises in Hebei Province during Jan to May this year. 【2017-08-01】
The cold-rolled electrical steel line of Baosteel Zhanjiang went into production on 13rd, July. 【2017-07-31】
Two managers from Topy Industries, Ltd and one from Mitsui& Co., Ltd visited Steel CLIK on 27th. 【2017-07-28】
"One click" steelmaking at the 210t converter plant of Valin Lianyuan Steel. 【2017-07-26】
The relationship between de-capacity and environmental protection in China. 【2017-07-25】
9 steel gurus on the Global 500. 【2017-07-24】
Dalian Port Group will cooperate with CVRD to build a mixed ore bonded base in the future. 【2017-07-20】
Frank Zhong, Chief Representative of the World Steel Association, visited SteelCLIK yesterday. 【2017-07-19】
Construction machinery sales continued to pick up. 【2017-07-18】
For the steel industry in China, it's time to be fair. 【2017-07-05】
Comparison of China's Steel Imp.& Exp. in the first half 2016&2017 【2017-07-17】
Steel outputs of 101 monitored steel enterprises in late June, 2017. 【2017-07-14】
China‘s steel industry in the first half of 2017. 【2017-07-13】
Accompanied by SteelCLIK team, a client from South East Asia visited NISCO on July 11th. 【2017-07-12】
*ST Valin achieves profitability in the first half of 2017. 【2017-07-11】
Steel CLIK has been authorized by TOPY Industries Ltd to sell the Mast Section in China. 【2017-07-10】
PMI of steel sector kept going up to 54.1% in June in China. 【2017-07-04】
CLIK's solution for the customer from Namibia. 【2017-07-03】
Transformers---the spiritual embodiment of CLIK. 【2017-06-27】
Valin wins a prize of China Energy Management National Award. 【2017-06-26】
A warm family---CLIK. 【2017-06-23】
CLIK317 track shoes in queue for shipment to Canada. 【2017-06-22】
Crude steel production. 【2017-06-22】
CLIK TOOLS website is coming! 【2017-06-21】
Our D11 track shoes ready for shipment to Canada and Australia. 【2017-06-20】
Bulldozer sales volume in May, 2017. 【2017-06-19】
Valin provides 420GJ steel plates for constructing the Shenzhen International Convention Center. 【2017-06-16】
CLIK track shoes ready for shipment to Canada & Australia. 【2017-06-15】
Steel CLIK---The most reliable steel strategic partner. 【2017-06-14】
Anshan Steel adjusted the EXW prices of its products on June 14th. 【2017-06-15】
China's Steel Imp.& Exp.Volume in 2017. 【2017-06-13】
A piece of interesting news about excavator. 【2017-06-07】
The profit of China's state-owned enterprises in the first 4 months of 2017. 【2017-06-05】
China's financial derivatives market in 2017. 【2017-06-09】
Volvo unveiled its latest EX2 electric excavator on May 16, 2017. 【2017-06-12】
Sprocket, carrier roller, track roller, idler and track: A new round of price rise kicks off 【2017-06-08】
CLIK track shoes, carrying your expectation further. 【2017-06-06】
The influence of a new national standard for whole process cold rolled electrical steel. 【2017-06-06】
Excellent products from CLIK. 【2017-06-05】
The industrial profits growth is slowing down. 【2017-06-01】
Valin's advanced technology for production. 【2017-05-31】
Certified by BV in May, 2017, SteelCLIK aspires to go further... 【2017-05-31】
Valin's technical strength and product advantages are reflected in Blue Whale NO.1 and No.2. 【2017-05-27】
Hengyang Valin Steel Tube Co.,Ltd's pipes have completely independent intellectual property rights. 【2017-05-27】
valin.steelclik.com is ONLINE! 【2017-05-27】
A successful practice for Valin to satisfy the customer. 【2017-05-25】
Valin satisfies the customer in a creative way. 【2017-05-25】
Tata Steel UK has sold its Specialty Steels business to Liberty House 【2017-05-03】
Saw Blade and Cutting Tool suppliers. 【2017-05-03】
The status of China’s iron ore market. 【2017-05-04】
Suggestion of strategic layout of resources in China 【2017-05-05】
The main business profit margin of enterprises has dropped. 【2017-05-07】
China iron ore, rebar and coking coal futures prices plunged by the influence of PMI retreat in Apr 【2017-05-09】
PMI index of steel industrial in Apr., 2017. 【2017-05-08】
China's Import and Export from Jan. to Apr.. 【2017-05-15】
Vietnam decided to impose anti-dumping duties from China and South Korea. 【2017-05-16】
Steel CLIK Represents XISC Serving for Caterpillar. 【2017-05-18】
The Status of Cutting Overcapacity in China. 【2017-05-19】
The status of industrial added value in steel in Chna. 【2017-05-22】
The Status of China's wind power capacity. 【2017-05-23】
China's Excavator Sales in 2017. 【2017-05-22】
China's Excavator Sales in 2017. 【2017-05-22】
China's Excavator Sales in 2017. 【2017-05-22】
China removed 29 steel mills from a “standard list”. 【2017-05-24】
Valin Group made a breakthrough in the thinnest wear-resistant steel. 【2017-05-18】
Liberty and Steel CLIK visited BICHAMP on 8th May. 【2017-05-17】
9 Countries' Installed Capacity of Wind Power in 2016 【2017-05-17】
Steel industrial status in the first quarter released by CISA 【2017-05-02】
The Belt and Road drives the investment to China in the first quarter, 2017. 【2017-04-27】
Investment in fixed assets of China's transport infrastructure 【2017-04-28】
Excavator sales volume rebounded in the first quarter, 2017. 【2017-04-25】
Production price policy in electrical steel in May, 2017 【2017-04-24】
Crude steel, pig iron and finished steel output status in Mar., 2017. 【2017-04-21】
Hunan Valin Steel Group’s makes profit under the bleak industry situation 【2017-04-20】
Zoomlion has turned losses into gains by the end of Mar 31, 2017 【2017-04-19】
Steel import and export status of China in Mar., 2017. 【2017-04-18】
China excavator sales volume is increasing in 2017 【2017-04-17】
Operating hours of excavator shows construction momentum. 【2017-05-12】
Machinery and equipment export status of China in 2016 【2017-04-14】
Crude steel output and inventory increased in March, 2017. 【2017-04-13】
Steel CLIK serve as HBIS's overseas sales agent 【2017-04-11】
New orders of shipbuilding in 2017 【2017-03-30】
2016 annual reports released by 16 China's steel mills 【2017-03-29】
China domestic truck-mounted cranes witnessed substantial sales growth 【2017-03-27】
1.688 million tonnes of crude steel produced per day 【2017-03-27】
SteelClik (Shanghai) moved to its new office 【2017-02-03】
Bao Steel & WISCO to merge as the titanic steel maker in China 【2016-06-29】
Central Iron & Steel Research Institute visited Steel CLIK 【2016-06-23】
Bureau Veritas Certification Granted SteelClik Qualified Supplier 【2016-05-31】
SteelClik's Joining Shanghai Steel Service Association 【2016-06-06】
Shantui project-5000 pieces of innovative type of track shoes 【2016-03-21】
Certified by ISO, we aspire to go further 【2016-03-25】
More liquidity injected into the market 【2015-07-30】
70mnt steel capacity closed 【2015-08-03】
Hangzhou Steel to close its operation 【2015-07-30】
CLIK won Qingdao Port project! 【2016-02-01】