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Anshan Steel     

With total 25Mtpy steel capacity, Anshan group is equipped with the best facilities of strip products for auto application. 


In the meanwhile, Anshan can supply plates upto 5m width for various applications.      


Anshan Steel adjusted the EXW prices of its products on June 14th based on the price policy for June published on 12th, May. The details are as follows:    


1. To raise the price of medium and heavy plates by RMB 50 yuan (USD7.37)/Tonne to RMB 4000 yuan(USD589.2)/Tonne for Q235 of 20mm*2000mm. (Tax-included: RMB 4680 yuan(USD689.37)/Tonne );    


2. To maintain the previous base price of electrical steel at RMB 5755 yuan(USD847.72)/Tonne for 50AW800 of 0.5*1000*C. (Tax-included: RMB 6733.35 yuan(USD991.83)/Tonne ).  


For details: inquiry@steelclik.com