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Nanjing Steel hit a record high in steel production      [2019-01-17]

In 2018, Nanjing Steel hit a record high in steel production exceeding 10 Mnts with the annual outputs of 9.1 Mnts of iron, 10.05 Mnts of steel, and 9.15 Mnts of finished products. It has ranked among steel mills of 10 Mnts thanks to 60 years of unremitting pursuit by the team. Nanjing Steel has forged an intelligent production system of high-efficiency with low-cost, making a fruitful achievement of more than 4.46 billion dollars in business transformation and investment.  


With an aim to build a quality special steel mill in China, Nanjing Steel has been focusing on innovation and efficiency improvement with great reduction in facility accidents lasting over 4 hours. Large-scale and state-of-the-art facilities have been applied to the production lines. The stability of blast furnaces is obviously enhanced with higher utilization of the four blast furnaces; continuous breakthroughs have been made in the steelmaking process and cut in consumption of molten iron per ton.

21 new products by Nanjing Steel have passed the national appraisal in 2018, among which 9 products are up to international standards, including low-temperature structural steel plates for offshore engineering, nickel-base alloy-clad plates for oil and gas transmission pipe, non-tempered round steel for high-powered engine crankshaft, corrosion-resistant stainless steel plates for oil and gas transmission pipeline, weathering plates with low yield ratio for railway vehicles, ultra-high-strength plates for large-tonnage dump truck girder at extremely low temperature, crack-proof plates for container ships, and high-strength with good toughness medium manganese steel plates for offshore engineering.