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The story of XCMG's gigantic digging machine      [2018-05-22]

A gigantic digging machine's flown off the production line in east China's Jiangsu province. The machine can shovel 50 tons of coal in one go, and is China's largest hydraulic excavator that's totally domestically produced. The machine's able to compete with world-class players, not only in terms of its eye-catching look, but also in the 52 self-developed technologies used, said a worker for its manufacturer Xuzhou Construction Machinery Group Co., Ltd. (XCMG). The enormous machine is designed to excavate at least 30,000 tons of material per day and operate safely for no less than 60,000 hours. Without a high-standard chassis that level of performance would be unlikely. XCMG had thought about buying core technologies, such as the chassis, from overseas companies, but none of them were willing to sell, fearing the Chinese company would catch up with them. Then XCMG decided to develop a chassis independently. Five years later, they succeeded.Buying one chassis could cost upwards of 15 million yuan. But manufacturing a chassis on their own costs about 5 million yuan. This excavator makes China the fourth country to develop and manufacture hydraulic digging machines independently, after Germany, Japan and the US.   Learn more: www.clikuc.com