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Powder-metallurgy for tool steel      [2018-03-16]

The tool and die steel in China is at present in a dilemma: the price competition between medium and low-end products is very fierce, while the powder-metallurgy is heavily dependent on imports.


It is reported that the annual domestic demand for the powder-metallurgy for tool steel is about 500 tons, growing at a rate of 30% to 40% per year. Currently, China relies basically on imports  which can be produced by companies in the US, Japan, Sweden, and Russia. Based on this status quo, Tiangong is planning to invest much in the related equipment in 2018 and produce 5,000 tons per year, including the first phase of 2,000 tons, which will replace imports after it is completed. Tiangong's four main products, high-speed steel, mould steel, cutting tools, and titanium alloys, are widely used in aviation, automotive, high-speed trains, petrochemical industries and mechanical processing. They have already been sold to nearly 100 countries and areas.