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China's response to US's 25% tariff on steel imports      [2018-03-09]

Steel trade friction has been highlighted for Sino-U.S. trade relations in recent year. Before the 232 probe into steel by the US government, dozens of anti-dumping and countervailing measures have been imposed on almost all major steel products with the rates as high as prohibitive tariffs. Trump is challenging the global steel industry, surely incurring greater opposition.


China Iron and Steel Association calls on the Chinese government to take resolute measures to limit imports of stainless steel, galvanized sheet, and seamless pipes from the United States, as well as coal, agricultural products and consumer electronics.


CISA has even called on the whole industry to take unanimous action and meet head on the challenges from the United States. China’s steel industry is bound to be super in both scale and quality through structurual adjustment, transformation and upgrading.