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Masteel’s APQP team for new energy auto steel has been formally established.      [2018-02-27]

Recently, Masteel’s APQP (Advanced Product Quality Planning) team for new energy auto steel has been formally established, aiming at the research and sorting of market demands and customer service. The team will promptly pass the data collected to other APQP teams of auto strips, electrical steel, home appliances strips as well as special steel; on the other hand, it will focus on certification and EVI technical services.


Masteel’s new energy auto steel team aim to research 3 aspects: First, market demands, including material requirements for the key components of body recognition, motors, battery packs, and special steel;  Second is to get certified by some new energy OEMs for its auto strips and by accessory plants for its silicon steel and battery can steel;  Third is to build an EVI technical service team for the new energy auto steel, capable of design for lightweight, structural optimization, fatigue endurance analysis and other technical services.