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The total consumption outlook of shipbuilding steel in 2018.      [2018-01-15]

 “Down by 30% YOY, the consumption of steel for shipbuilding in China is 8 mnt in 2017, hitting the record low over the last 10 years. Consumed are 6.5 mnt plates, 0.7 mnt sections and 0.65 mnt others, ”said Tan Naifen, Vice Secretary- General of CANSI (China Association of the National Shipbuilding Industry).
The industry believes that the total consumption of shipbuilding steel in 2018 will be further reduced. High price and insufficient supply of high-end varieties will be plaguing the industry.
According to CLIK's analysis, 7 categories of steel for shipbuilding and offshore engineering are to be developed urgently: 1. corrosion resistant steel; 2. Invar alloy steel with 36% Ni for LNG; 3. super-high strength steel plates EQ56 and Q70 for deep-water semi-submersible drilling rig; 4. high strength steel plate with yield strength up to 47 kilogram force / square millimeter for hatch coaming and other parts of ultra-large container ship; 5. alloy steel plates with high yield strength; 6. dual-phrase stainless steel for chemical vessel; 7. Ti alloy steel.