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China's average composite price of hot rolled carbon steel since 2010.      [2018-01-12]

According to CLIK’s research, the average composite price of hot rolled carbon steel in China increased by 42.4% YoY in 2017, hitting a new high in nearly 5 years. Remarkable achievements have been made in the fight against cutting 50 mnt steel-making capacity and full elimination of 140 mnt substandard steel products. Meanwhile, the trade barrier has also been reduced in 2017. From Jan to Dec, China's steel exports suffered from 20 trade remedy investigations initiated by 13 countries and regions, including 15 cases of anti-dumping investigations, 4 of anti-dumping and countervailing merger cases, and 1 of anti-circumvention investigation. Compared with 2016, the cases against Chinese steel products dropped by 55.6%.


CLIK predict the price increase in 2018 is expected to fall below 10% with the decrease of the marginal effect of de-capacity on production. The iron ore market'll fluctuate slightly, the coke price'll remain high and volatile, and the environmental protection cost'll keep increasing. As a result, the cost end's still relatively strong. On the supply side, we should be wary of the end of limited production after the heating season in winter and the expansion of supply due to the concentrated release of new production capacity.