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China's excavator industry forecasts in 2018.      [2018-01-11]

According to CLIK’s statistics, 140,303 excavators were sold in 2017 in China, up 99.5% over the same period in 2016, with 14,005 excavators sold in just December, up 102.6% YoY. On the demand side, CLIK predict that the growth rate of real estate investment will be 5%-6% and infrastructure 15% in 2018. Based on provincial plans for the expressway construction during 2016-2020, there’ll be an additional mileage of nearly 50,000 km in the whole country. By 2020, the expressway mileage will exceed 170,000 km with the compound annual growth rate remaining at 6.4% or above. Benefiting from the rising demand for the highway and railway construction downstream, excavators and relating products continue to pick up in demand in the scenario of tight downstream supply.
The bulldozer industry is expected to usher in both rising volume and price, boosting high growth of construction machinery products sales as a whole.
On the supply side, Komatsu has announced that all models in China will be increased in price. Although uncertainties go with the whole industry to raise prices, Komatsu and other foreign companies’ price rises will serve as a foil of the price advantage and market competitiveness of domestic dozers. The increase in overseas exports will also contribute to the rising tide. CLIK expect that excavator sales will reach 150,000-160,000 units in 2018, and profits are expected to further climb up as the increase in cost goes slow.

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