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During "13th Five-Year" period (2016-2020), China will build 40 nuclear power plants.      [2018-01-10]

During "13th Five-Year" period (2016-2020), China will have additional 24 nuclear power units completed, with the average annual investment of more than 35 bn yuan ($5.36bn). With the great steel demand on the construction of nuclear power plants, CLIK estimate that in the next 5 years, nuclear power steel required will be a total of 400,000 tons in China, of which the low alloy carbon steel plate will be 260,000 tons (65%), 100,000 tons of steel pipe, and 22,000 tons of special steel. However, the proportion of nuclear power in the whole power generation is only about 3%, far below the average 11% worldwide. During 2016-2020, China has planned to boost nuclear power as an important replace for fossil energy to raise its share in the power supply. The National Development and Reform Commission is making industrial planning for the civilian development of nuclear power. By 2020, China’s total installed capacity is expected to reach 900 GWH, with nuclear power taking up 4% of the total (i.e. 36-40 GWH). The country will build 40 nuclear power plants of GWH class like DNMC.