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Masteel's production plan in 2018.      [2018-01-09]

On the basis of scientific analysis and market research, Masteel has recently made clear its production plan in 2018: 7.35 mnt finished ore mining, 18.3 mnt hot metal, 19.85 mnt crude steel and 18.82 mnt finished steel products. The group's revenue is expected to be 80 bn yuan ($12.31bn) with a total profit of 4 bn yuan ($615.67mn) or more.


In 2018, Masteel will accelerate products upgrading in 3 sectors: wheels for high speed rails, strips and longs. As the dominant producer of train wheels used for CRH (China Railway High-speed) trains, Masteel shares over 90% market of the train wheel in China, with export to more than 20 countries and regions.