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Steel imports and exports in China, 2017.      [2018-01-08]

According to the General Administration of Customs, China's steel import amounted to 12.1 mnt during Jan-Nov in 2017, and steel export reached 69.96 mnt with the net export of 57.86 mnt. In 2016 the net export was 89.18 mnt in the same period. Steel export continued to shrink in 2017. On one hand, the developed countries in Europe and America frequently carried out the anti-dumping and anti-subsidy probes into imports from China. On the other, domestic steel demand was strong, which discouraged the steel export.


CLIK has found out that China's steel export has gradually shifted from developed countries to Asia, Africa and other developing countries benefited from the Belt & Road program, especially in Southeast Asia which is geographically near China. Their robust steel demands have presented opportunities for China's steel export. In addition, Goldman predict that China's steel export will fall to 50-60 mnt in 2018, resulting from measures of cut in excess capacity. The intermediate frequency furnace has been closed in capacity for 140 mnt. CLIK believe that the rise in domestic demand has led to the decline of China's steel export.