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China developed the bell-less top for huge blast furnaces independently.      [2018-01-05]

China self-developed key technology and application of the bell-less top for huge blast furnaces, which has ended the long history of foreign monopoly in this field. Back to May 15, 2009, led by Baosteel, the project was jointly developed by Zhanjiang Steel, CISDI and Qinye Heavy Industries.


After the installation and operation of the bell-less top in two huge blast furnaces of Zhanjiang Steel, the average pressure of the BF top is greater than 0.26 MPa, with the average air temperature above 1260 degrees Celsius (1280 degrees Celsius Max), gas utilization rate of 50%~52% and TRT power generation capacity of 46 kwh / ton of iron ~48 kwh / ton of iron and fuel ratio of 488 kg / ton of iron. The project has obtained a total of 55 authorized patents, forming the industry standard. Besides in Zhanjiang Steel, the technology has so far been used in more than 10 domestic and foreign large blast furnaces including Baotou Steel, POSCO, Formosa Plastics, etc, which is of great help to the stable operation of blast furnace and reduction in production cost.