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Shougang launched 35SWYS900 and 35SW1700-H for new energy automotive.      [2018-01-03]

Recently, Shougang launched the two specifications of the highest strength NGO for the first time in the world---35SWYS900 and 35SW1700-H for new energy automotive.


35SWYS900 applies to produce rotor of high speed driving motor with the yield strength up to 950Mpa, 150Mpa higher than the exsiting non-oriented electrical steel with the highest yeild strength in the world. Rotor made by 35SWYS900 shows the high performance in comprhensive experiment with the torque increased by 11.3%, the maxium efficiency point by 0.7%, and the anti-deformation performance improved greatly.


35SW1700-H is used to produce stator and rotor of high speed driving motor. The yield strength is up to 470Mpa though maintain the core loss and magnetic induction, higer than any similar product worldwide. In the similation test, motor made by 35SW1700-H without changing the original design, improves the highest speed by 5% and reduces the volume by 5%, providing necessary conditions for the increasement of endurance mileage and the lightweighting development.