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Masteel's profit in 2017 exceeded 5.8 billion yuan ($891.44 mn) in 2017.      [2018-01-02]

The world's largest Yamal LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) project in Russia has been completed on December 8th in 2017, for which Masteel provided 47.6 thousand tons of sections with ultra-low temperature at -45℃, taking up 60% of the total. It was a great victory with the jointed efforts of Chinese and European companies, together with Russia.

In 2017, Masteel supplied 1.05 million tons of steel for the projects of The Belt and Road. Besides, it also provided 18.52 million tons of quality steel for domestic industries such as automotive, household appliances, railway, port, airport, nuclear power, construction and others, further exploring markets, both domestic and international. Masteel reaped 80.2 bn yuan ($12.33 bn) in revenue and 5.8 bn yuan ($891.44 mn) in total profit in 2017.

By the way, CLIK supplied over 3,600 MTs of hollow sections & beams with Charpy impact value reaching 127J at -50℃.