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Steel consumption of city natural gas pipeline will increase during 2016-2020.      [2017-12-13]

Many cities in China are busy with urban natural gas projects or pipeline network. CLIK analysts predict that during 2016-2020, steel consumption of city natural gas pipeline would be 2.5mnt -3mnt with an annual consumption of 0.5mnt-0.6mnt. At present, the total gas transmission capacity of the main pipeline network in China is about 180 billion cubic meters. According to China’s "13th Five-Year" development plan (2016-2020), by 2020, natural gas supply capacity will reach 400 billion cubic meters with an increment of 220 billion cubic meters. Therefore, 4 or 5 gas transmission trunk lines should be constructed for the new supply, based on the single line gas transmission capacity of 45bn-50bn cubic meters / year. The new oil and gas trunk length would reach 40,000 km calculated on the basis of current construction capacity of 8,000 km/ year by the giant of CNPC (China National Petroleum Corporation), which requires the steel pipe for high pressure (1200 MPa), high grade (X80), large diameter (1,420 mm) and a greater range of wall thicknesses (22 mm ~38 mm).