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Further processing project of high strength automotive plate was put into production in GONVAMA.      [2017-12-01]

GONVAMA, the joint venture by VAMA and GONVARRI has recently put its further processing project of high strength automotive plate into production in Changshu city, Jiangsu province. For the strategic development of auto industry in China, Valin Group, AM and Gonvarri intend to forge the auto industrial value chain from the upstream supplier like Valin, to the downstream user like GONVVAMA till the end-user.

It is reported that with the aid of Arcelormittal’s lightweight S-in motion including closures, chassis parts, auto seats and others, GONVVAMA tends to provide all-round technical solutions based on its processing and distribution network as well as its partners’. For example, Arcelormittal’s S-in motion for middle-sized SUV lightens the weight of the body and closures by 20% ~25% at the cost similar to its counterparts, on condition of meeting the safty requirements of collision.

The headquarters of GONVVAMA is located in Changshu city with four advanced automotive steel solution providers established in the industrial cluster cities of Changshu, Shenyang, Chongqing and Loudi in China. VAMA and Gonvarri will join hands to help GONVVAMA gain more competitive edge.