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A graphite electrode factory was officially put into operation in Shanxi province.      [2017-11-27]

On November 18th, a project with an annual output of 20 thousand tons of ultra high efficiency graphite electrode was officially put into operation by Tengyang Science and Technology Limited Corporation in Shanxi province. The total investment of the project is up to 400 million yuan ($ 60.62 million) with the output value expected to be 1.5 billion yuan ($227.33 million)per year, yielding annual tax of 200 million yuan ($30.31 million). The project will play a positive role in the energy conservation and emission reduction, promoting the development of new energy and new material industries of the city.

As an irreplaceable conductive material, the graphite electrode is high temperature resistant and oxidation resistant in the steelmaking process. It helps save electricity consumption and production cost per unit of steelmaking by consuming less electricity. Besides, it has the advantages of easy processing, light weight and great thermal stability with a prospecting market.