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Guidelines for Development of Key Generic Technology of Industries (2017).      [2017-11-22]

China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology recently issued the "Guidelines for Development of Key Generic Technology of Industries (2017)" ("2017 guide"in short), which has made clear the orientation and new requirements for the offshore steel.
The main focus on R&D of offshore steel and related technologies include:
1. 690 Mpa heavy plate for jackup rig
2. large diameter seamless pipe
3. 460 MPa steel and related welding materials for jacket platform
4. high heat input welding heavy plate and related welding materials
5. thick-wall deep-sea riser and pipeline steel
6. weathering steel and seawater corrosion resistant rebar for infrastructure of South China Sea Islands
7. special duplex stainless steel for desalination and chemical carrier
8. high Mo austenitic stainless steel

9.corrosion resistant alloy and precipitation hardening (PH) stainless steel for deep-sea gathering and transportation system
10.high grade and high nitrogen austenitic stainless steel for deep sea drilling
11.offshore steel for carrier resistant to extremely low temperature
12.clean smelting, homogenizing continuous casting, precise organization and other integrated manufacturing technology
13.development and application of high efficient welding materials for low temperature steel.