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Boiler Plates-STEEL CLIK
Boiler Plates

Boiler plates for boiler and pressure vessels.

Z test, UT test and third party inspection if any need to be agreed upon.

Thickness Range
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ASTEM ASME SA515GR.60-70 6-150mm +
JIS SB410 6-150mm +
EN P235GH 6-150mm +
ASTM ASME SA516GR.60-70 6-150mm +
JIS SB450 6-150mm +
EN P265GH 6-150mm +
ASTEM ASME SA537MCL.1 6-150mm +
JIS SEV245 6-150mm +
EN P355GH 6-150mm +
ASTEM ASME SA387MGR.12 6-150mm +
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